Best Bark Collars

Owning a dog is a reward in itself. By providing a good home for your dog, you are guaranteeing yourself a loyal companion who will shower you with nothing but love and affection.

As a result, dogs can be fiercely protective. From barking to growling at those that they deem a threat, this behavior can become a serious problem over time.

If you have truly exhausted all of your options, you may want to look into purchasing a bark collar for your pet.

What is the Best Bark Collar?

From our extensive research, we’ve determined that the NBJU Rechargeable Bark Collar for Dogs is the best bark collar.

It has 7 sensitivity levels and is USB rechargeable. Most importantly, it’s safe for your dog. You can learn more about this bark collar below.

Best Bark Collars

Finding the Perfect Bark Collar

These collars help to put an end to your dog’s excessive barking through negative reinforcement. But don’t forget, their main purpose is to instill more positive behavior, not to punish!

So, whether you’re looking to stop your dog from unnecessarily barking at home or in public, a bark collar will help you to meet your dog training needs while providing effective results.

However, because there are so many bark collars currently available on the market, choosing one that suits your dog’s exact needs can be really difficult.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for you to have a look at. We’ve also created a buyer’s guide, so you know exactly what qualities to look out for when purchasing a bark collar.

NBJU Rechargeable Bark Collar for Dogs

NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs,Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black)

With 7 sensitivity levels, this USB rechargeable bark collar is the perfect solution for small, medium, and large dogs alike, weighing between 11 and 110 lbs.

This touch operated collar also features three basic training modes — beep, vibration, and e-shock — with 64 different kinds of training methods that will halt your dog’s excessive barking in its tracks!

Ensuring your dog’s comfort is a top priority, and this NBJU product gives you the tools to do so. If you’re also after a more subtle bark collar, the sleek design of this product is a huge plus.

With strong, sturdy plastic buckles, you have full control over the tightness of the collar. It also comes with two protective silicone sleeves that provide your dog with an additional layer of protection from the electric shock. This helps to prevent injury when the collar is in use!

Overall, this bark collar is highly convenient for both you and your dog. It is also waterproof, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Best of all?

You won’t have to worry about having to repeatedly put this collar on charge. Within 30 minutes, your battery will be fully charged, and it will last you anywhere up to 12 days!


  • Rechargeable: With an easily accessible USB port, charging this bark collar is an absolute breeze. Simply place the collar on charge for 30 minutes, and you will have days worth of use. 
  • Suitability: This collar is great for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It features adjustable elements that allow you to customize the collar to ensure your dog’s comfort.
  • Simplistic Design: This collar is very low-key. It comes in an array of basic colors and doesn’t look like a piece of electrical equipment, so you can effectively prevent your dog from excessively barking – but in style.


  • Easily Triggered: This collar can be triggered by the sound of barking and will go off if another dog close to you barks. 
NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs,Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Beep Vibration for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black)
  • Humane, Effective Anti Barking Helper: The NBJU dog bark collar offers 3 working modes that are customizable with 7 adjustable sensitivity levels, allowing you to select the mode (beep, vibration, or shock) and sensitivity level that best suits your dog's temperament. With this bark collar, you can find the most effective way to curb your dog's barking without causing them stress or pain, gently correcting their barking issues
  • Automatic Stop Barking in 0.1 Sec: Use an upgraded smart sensor and premium chip for more accurate detection of your dog's barking. It activates quickly when your dog barks, reminding them to follow the rules and control their barking. The collar will only be activated when worn by your dog, preventing false triggering from other sounds or dogs
  • Scientific and Safe Training Collar: Dog training should be both scientific and safe. The NBJU bark collar is equipped with a protection system that temporarily stops working for 1 mins if it has been activated 5 times in a row. This helps to protect your dog from unnecessary punishment. And the collar is equipped with silicone sleeves that can protect your dog's skin
  • Quick Charge& Long Battery Life: NBJU Bark collar recharge with high capacity battery, it can be fully charged in 30 mins for up to 15 days of work time, this device has a long enough battery life so you don't have to recharge the batteries frequently
  • Comfortable for all sizes of Dogs:The bark collar is light, the collar strap is sturdy and adjustable for the length of the dog's neck( fits for neck sizes 7.8" - 25" dogs around 8 to 120 lbs), this dog bark collar is suitable for small, medium and large dogs. IP67 waterproof ensure it can be able to work normally in rainy or humid environments without damage

DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

DogRook Dog Bark Collar | Smart Collar for Dog Training | No Shock | Beep & Vibration | Rechargeable | No Bark Collar for Dogs | Anti Bark Collar for Large Dog, Medium Dog, Small Dog | 12-110 lbs

If you’re after a reliable, humane bark collar, DogRook have the product for you! 

Featuring sound and vibration only, this is a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of other bark collars with shock qualities. This waterproof bark collar has two effective performance modes that, in 96% of cases, has helped to decrease dog’s barking. 

Additionally, featuring an automatic performance with five sensitivity levels, this product is suitable for dogs with thick fur.

The collar works effectively in automatic mode, in which sounds and vibrations come together to safely stop your dog’s barking. The intensity of beeps and vibrations increase after each bark, providing an effective way to train your dog. 

In terms of its manufacturing, this bark collar has been constructed from strong and durable nylon. Its high quality reflective nylon strap can be easily adjusted, making it great for a large array of dogs. Ideally, it’s most suited for those weighing between 11 and 110 lbs, with a neck size of 9” to 22” (55.88 cm). 

In addition to the collar, you will receive a USB charging cable and prong covers for your convenience. Simply plug the charger in, wait for approximately 3 hours, and you’re set! This rechargeable no bark collar can work for up to 14 days with a single charge of the battery.

Within a few weeks you can look forward to calmer walks with your dog!


  • Humane: This collar features vibration and sound only, so you can condition your dog in a safer way.
  • Battery: This collar has an impressive battery life. In just under 3 hours, your product will be fully charged — and it will last you up to 14 days! 
  • Materials: It’s made from nylon. This is a strong material, so the longevity of this collar is guarantee


  • Wear Time: Don’t leave the collar on for longer than 6 hours at a time. Prolonged exposure to the prongs could lead to necrosis of your dog’s skin. Be wise!
DogRook Dog Bark Collar | Smart Collar for Dog Training | No Shock | Beep & Vibration | Rechargeable | No Bark Collar for Dogs | Anti Bark Collar for Large Dog, Medium Dog, Small Dog | 12-110 lbs
  • Dog Training Collar: Our no shock dog bark collars are designed for most pups and dogs, from bark collar for small dogs to bark collar for large dogs. It is the ideal no bark collar that teaches your dog through vibration and sound, not shock, ensuring a gentle yet effective training device for anti barking.
  • Smart Sensitivity Adjustment: Our smart dog bark collar features a microphone that precisely detects your dog's unique bark. These no bark collars for dogs have sensitivity adjustments, offering a solution for a no barking home.
  • Customizable Vibration & Sound: Featuring 2 vibration modes and 7 sound stages, our vibrating dog collar supports dog training, making it the perfect dog bark collar. The dog barking collar provides progressive training without shock and discomfort.
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof: The rechargeable feature offers up to 14 days of use and is waterproof, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor training. This ensures our bark collar for small dogs, bark collar for medium dogs, and bark collar for large dogs are as convenient as they are effective.
  • Adjustable Fit for Most Dog Sizes - Designed to fit dogs weighing 12 to 110 lbs and adjusts up to 22 inches, our dog bark collars are suitable for small, medium, and large breeds. With additional prong covers for long-haired dogs, it's crafted to be the most inclusive dog training collar; accommodating a wide range of sizes and fur types.

PATPET Training Collar 320 With Remote

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This bark collar is the ideal blend of performance, practicality, and design.

Rated one of the top products in its field, this PATPET collar features three effective training modes — beep, vibration, and static — that help you to reduce the level of your dog’s barking.

With these three modes available, you have full control over their training, and can personalize the collar modes to find what works best for them!

The corresponding wireless remote has been manufactured with advanced anti-jamming technology in mind, which supports a stronger and more stable signal for up to 1000 ft away. Regardless of where you choose to train your pet, it is a much easier process thanks to this convenient product.

This waterproof bark collar consists of a durable nylon belt that is great for all weather types. What’s more, the product comes with an easy to use rechargeable battery. You’ll be able to get up to 66 days of use from your remote and up to 11 days from the collar — so charging will never be an issue!

Two conductive silicone prongs help to protect your pet’s skin and coat against any damage. However, you should avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day and make sure to reposition the collar every two hours to ensure it doesn’t have any lasting effects.


  • Distance: Comfortably use this product from up to 1000 ft away. The remote has been built to withstand such distances without the signal being interrupted.
  • Modes: You can choose to use one or all of the modes when training your dog.
  • Battery: Charging this product will not be an issue. It only needs to be charged once every few days, meaning you can go about stopping your dog from barking without having to worry.


  • Maintenance: You need to adjust the collar every two hours, which can be quite frustrating. However, this will ensure your dog’s safety, so it’s definitely not something to be taken lightly.

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SportDOG Brand No Bark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Shock Collar - Programmable, Waterproof Bark Collar, Black

By designing our products with various weather conditions in mind, SportDOG has quickly become one of the most recognizable brands in the electronic tracking and training field. 

SportDOG’s efficient bark collar uses a Silent Partner technology to determine your dog’s unique barking style. As a result, it is able to filter out other noise to prevent false corrections from occurring. 

Based on a temperament learning setting, this collar will remember what level works best for your pet, and will set itself there each time it is used! Additional settings ensure complete collar optimization, so you can find the most applicable method of correcting your dog’s behavior.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries means the collar will be fully charged within two hours. It also means that the battery has the potential to last you up to 200 hours before needing a recharge! A battery indicator also lets you know when your product is low on charge, which is highly convenient.

This collar is also waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet (3.05 m), making it a great choice if you want to take your pet on days out at the beach!

It has been designed to cater for a variety of dogs weighing 8 lbs or more, with a neck size in the range of 5″ to 22″. With three selectable modes of operation and ten levels of static stimulation, you can customize the bark control and figure out what works best for your dog’s temperament.


  • Three Modes of Operation: Instant reaction technology ensures that your dog will stop barking.
  • Automatic Shut Off: This feature is a huge advantage for this product as it means it can be easily controlled. As a result, it increases your dog’s safety.
  • Battery Indicator: This is a convenient feature that doesn’t seem to be included in the manufacturing of other similar products. 


  • Behavior: This collar appears to greatly discourage loud barking, but it isn’t as effective at completely stopping it compared to other products offered on the market.
SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Shock Collar - Programmable, Waterproof Bark Collar, Black
  • SILENT PARTNER TECHNOLOGY: This bark control shock collar detects barking by using our patented technology that quickly determines your dog's unique barking style and filters out all the rest to avoid any false corrections.
  • 3 MODES OF OPERATION: Three selectable modes of operation (Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User Selected) and 10 levels of static stimulation you can choose the type of bark control that works best for your dog's temperament.
  • SIZING: Collar fits dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5" - 22"
  • WATERPROOF: SBC-R is waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Yes, correction automatically stops after 80 seconds.

PATPET P-Collar 680 Dog Training Collar

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Electric Dog Shock Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs - 3 Adjustable Safe Modes, Rechargeable Waterproof E Collar for Dogs (8-120 lbs)

PATPET offers yet another remote dog training system that consists of a wireless remote and receiver. 

With three different humane training modes and a security switch included, your dog’s safety is guaranteed. Multiple levels of customized static shock and vibration make up the standard “Tone” mode. So, you can move the remote without having to worry about any accidental shock. 

This collar features two separate channels and a longer, more effective remote control range of up to 3000 ft.  So if you want to train two dogs with one remote, this product can support you in your endeavors! It’s also great for indoor and outdoor use.

After a 2-hour period, the collar will be fully charged and ready to work for up to 30 days! The remote will be charged up ready for 60 days of use, both of which are highly convenient to you.

Also, you will receive a low battery alert on the display on the remote and the receiver, so your product will never completely run out of charge. 

A comfortable, waterproof and adjustable nylon collar fits a variety of dogs with neck sizes between  7″ to 27″. It’s also a great choice for all size dogs from puppies to adults, or more simply, dogs weighing between 8 and 120 lbs.


  • Long Lasting Battery: After being fully charged, the product itself can work for up to 30 days before needing a refresh. 
  • On/Off Protection: Prevents the risk of injury to your dog. It also allows you to optimize the product to achieve the best outcome. 
  • Control: You can use the product over longer distances. With a range of up to 3000 ft, training your dog to stop barking in a busy environment like a park has never been so easy. 


  • Noise: You don’t have full control over the volume of the beep. It can be quite loud and may startle both you and your dog.
PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Electric Dog Shock Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs - 3 Adjustable Safe Modes, Rechargeable Waterproof E Collar for Dogs (8-120 lbs)
  • Powerful Remote Control Function: If you want to train two dogs through one remote, 680 can meet your needs. It features a robust remote control function, allowing effective control from a long distance. You can effortlessly operate the training collar within 3000Ft range, ensuring you can train your dog efficiently
  • Multiple Training Modes and Adjustable Options: : Provides 3 Safe effective humane training modes. Customized static shock (1-16) levels, vibration levels, standard “Tone” mode. You can freely select and adjust the stimulation modes based on your dog's needs, ensuring the training collar meets the requirements of different dogs
  • 2 Hour Quick Charge & Longer Battery Life : After 2-hour fully charging, Supporting 40-60 days training sessions. Additionally, it offers convenient charging options, allowing you to charge via USB outlet of the PC/power bank/car, ensuring the training collar always maintains sufficient power
  • IPX7 Waterproof Technology : If your dog likes to play with water? Don't worry, The IPX7 waterproof collar stays in a water depth of 3.2 Ft for half an hour, and its performance is not affected. So your dog can enjoy chasing toys around a pool, or playing in the rain freely
  • Precise Adjustment and Reliability : The adjustable nylon collar fits dogs with neck sizes 7" - 27". Stronger and smaller collar, Perfect for all size dogs (8 lbs~100 lbs), even puppies fit perfectly

DOG CARE Bark Collar

DOG CARE Dog Bark Collar for Dogs - Anti Barking Collar with Intelligent Bark Control, Effective Sound, Vibration, Automatic Collar, LED Indicator, Bark Control Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

With several adjustable sensitivity levels and multiple training modes, this bark collar provides efficient training to help prevent your dog from uncontrollably barking.

You can easily switch between these modes with a quick press of a button on its accompanying remote. Also, you can customize the sensitivity level of this collar which helps you tailor it to fit your dog’s exact needs. 

No remote, no worries! This product comes with a built-in safety system that stops the collar from working if your dog is unresponsive to it.

Less accidental shock will lead to a more progressive training concept, so you’re on the right track with this item! Silicon rubber covers are included with this collar to provide an extra barrier of protection between the product and your dog’s skin.

Additionally, alongside an accurate battery level indicator, the general power consumption of this dog shock bark collar is low. Therefore, the durability of the battery is made clear.

Also, the design of this sturdy collar is relatively simple and lightweight. The strap is also adjustable, meaning the collar is perfectly suitable for dogs of any weight!


  • Safety: A built-in safety system makes for a much smoother training experience for you and your dog. If they don’t respond, it will automatically turn off so no harm comes to your pet.
  • Simple Design: The simplistic design and neutral black color of this product enables it to seamlessly blend in like any ‘normal’ collar. It doesn’t draw your attention, so you can train your dog without people stopping to question you.
  • Battery: This collar comes with a high quality battery and an indicator, so you can keep track between charges.


  • Sensitivity: The collar may be activated by reasons other than barking. If your dog scratches their neck, this collar is sensitive and will beep in accordance with the action. 
DOG CARE Dog Bark Collar for Dogs - Anti Barking Collar with Intelligent Bark Control, Effective Sound, Vibration, Automatic Collar, LED Indicator, Bark Control Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs
  • [2 Anti-bark Modes & 5 Sensitivity Levels] This compassionate bark collar features effective and safe anti-barking modes that can tackle the problem of an uncontrollable dog's excessive barking. You may switch between vibration and mild electrostatic modes with 5 levels of sensitivity by just pressing a button
  • [Safety Protection System & Automatic Activation] It utilizes low voltage to teach your dog to quit barking. With the incorporation of an additional safety protection device, this anti-bark collar would cease functioning after a brief period of inactivity. You need not be concerned about the annoying barking
  • [Progressive Training Concept & Safe] The clip on this anti-barking collar features a gradual training method. Under rigorous control, the collar is only released when the dog is barking near the bark shock collar and the sound is loud enough to prevent inadvertent shocks
  • [Long-Lasting Battery and LED Indicator] This dog anti-barking collar battery has a low power consumption and is long-lasting. When the battery is low, the LED indication on the collar will blink to alert users to replace the battery. In addition, there is a distinct light indicator for modes and sensitivity levels, allowing you to observe the real-time operating state
  • [Adjustable Strap and Extra Parts] The adjustable dog barking collar strap fits small, medium, and large dogs (recommended for dogs whose neck size is 8"-22", weight more than 22pounds). Furthermore, silicon rubber covers will be included in the packaging to protect your dog's skin

Trulrox No Shock Bark Collar

Bark Collar for Small Dogs 5-15lbs Small Dog Bark Collar No Shock Bark Collar Rechargeable Anti Bark Collar Shockless with Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Beep Bark Collar for Small Medium Dogs

For a bigger statement bark collar, why not try this product from Trulrox?

This is a great training bark collar for small dogs weighing between 5 and 15 lbs, though there’s nothing to say it can’t also be used for larger dogs! Its black and lime green waterproof nylon material makes it great for battling all weather.

Specifically, the addition of adjustable reflective tape will help you to keep track of your dog’s location in less visible conditions!

An intelligent training workflow guarantees your dog’s safety. The sensor equipped in this bark collar will detect noise, filter it, and activate – but only when your dog barks.

This collar is also very easy to use with two separate vibration modes. It also gives you free rein to choose the sensitivity for when the vibration is triggered, which is a great addition.

Most importantly, there is no more false triggering!  Also, the collar won’t be activated by nearby dogs barking, so training your dog using the collar will become much easier.

A durable nylon collar composition makes this product lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear for long periods of time. It also features a USB port for a convenient re-charging process.


  • Great Design: A bright and colorful design means you can keep track of your dog even in the most unstable weather.
  • No False Triggering: The collar won’t be set off by dogs in and around the local area. It will only vibrate when your dog is exhibiting antisocial barking, which means they will not be unnecessarily targeted.
  • Material: This nylon collar is both durable and comfortable for hours of wear.


  • Collar Removal: Remember not to leave the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours a day. This reduces the risk of irritation and injury.
Bark Collar for Small Dogs 5-15lbs Small Dog Bark Collar No Shock Bark Collar Rechargeable Anti Bark Collar Shockless with Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Beep Bark Collar for Small Medium Dogs
  • Bark collar for small dogs 5-15lbs with beep vibration without shock
  • No shock bark collar dual vibration motor is stronger choose the gentle or strong vibration by the m button and adjustable 5 sensitivity leave can set by the power button
  • Waterproof anti bark collar with rechargeable battery
  • No bark collar will activates only when your dog barks other nearby dogs other sounds can not activate the collar
  • Dog bark collar light weight for small dogs from 8 to 150 pounds with 2 reflective belt adjustable

NVK Shock Collar Set for Dogs with Remote

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NVK are a well-known brand in their field — and for good reason! This product comes with everything you may need for successful bark training, from a handheld transmitter remote to a charging cable.

To help your dog adapt to the collar, it is recommended to start training them at a lower level. You should make sure to adjust the product, so it sits comfortably yet still snug against your dog’s neck. 

Equipped with 4 memory settings, you can comfortably train up to four different dogs with no need to reset these levels in between uses.

Featuring three distinct training modes, static shock, vibration and beeping, this anti-bark collar set provides you with all the tools you can choose from to achieve optimum training for your dog.

Both the transmitter and the receiver can be recharged by using a magnetic charging port design. On average, the training collar takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully. But the Lithium Polymer battery means that it will be good to go for up to 15 days!

In terms of the remote, it has been designed to still be useful at a distance of 1600 ft. Flexible and easy enough to train your dog with the collar anywhere you want, whether it’s your own backyard or a local park.

Additionally, a security lock prevents issues from occurring with the remote, meaning you won’t have to worry about any accidental shocks being administered to your dog!


  • Waterproof Receiver: The set can be used in all types of weather, especially in the rain. 
  • Safety: A security lock prevents your dog from being administered with a shock, so you can go about your training sessions without having to worry! 
  • Charging: The set takes very little time to fully charge, and has an optimum output for up to 15 days. It’s generally very convenient!


  • Can Be Unreliable: The adjustable dial can be extremely sensitive and may increase the levels far too quickly.

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Dr. Trainer B1sPro Bark Collar with APP & Watch Control

Dr.Trainer Bark Collar with APP Control, Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar with Sound Vibration Shock & Smart Progressive Mode, Anti Barking Training Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs

This e-collar product by Petoffers gives you the chance to switch between humane training modes to reduce your dog’s antisocial barking, regardless of their breed or size.

Sound and vibration are more than enough to successfully train your dog, but this particular collar comes with the option to turn off the shock feature, which is a huge benefit!

 You can customize the corrective action and adjust the sensitivity of the collar’s bark detection based on the information you enter about your dog’s weight and breed on the Dr. Trainer App.

Simply connect via Bluetooth, and you have the full capacity to use it as a virtual remote control! After setting up the system, the app will automatically recommend the most applicable training levels for your dog. How convenient is that?

Moreover, this product has an effective protection mode that prevents all types of false triggering. The product can be temporarily stopped to prevent your dogs from being exposed to an excessive amount of sound or vibration to correct their behavior.

Two pairs of silicone protective covers add a safety layer to keep your dog’s skin away from the static shock, should you decide to use it!

Finally, this collar has built-in rapid charging technology that makes it charge up to 3X faster than other dog barking collars! 


  • Waterproof: IPX8 waterproof bark collar means you can take your dog into the rain, or to the beach, without having to worry about the weather.
  • Battery: The collar can be fully charged in under 40 minutes. One charge will provide you with up to 15-20 days of use!
  • Protective: Prevents false triggering, meaning your dog will be fairly trained.


  • App: Depending on signal, the app may not perform to the best of its abilities. Be mindful.
Dr.Trainer Bark Collar with APP Control, Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar with Sound Vibration Shock & Smart Progressive Mode, Anti Barking Training Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs
  • Human Training Modes: B1s bark collar offers 3 adjustable working modes (sound, vibration and shock), making it the perfect dog bark collar, anti bark collar for medium dogs or bark collar for large dog. Automatically Stop Dog Barking.
  • APP Custom Setting: You can free combine the settings of sound/ vibration/ static, adjust sensitivity and intensity in the APP to customize an exclusive training plan for your dog. Stop barking more efficiently and effectively.
  • Protection Mode & No False Triggers: Dr.trainer bark collar with protection mode, it will temporarily stop working for 30 seconds if it trigger 10 times in 1 minute to prevent from your dogs get too much punishment. Has a strict false barking detection function, activated only when your dog is barking.
  • Smart Progressive Mode & IPX8 Waterproof: Dr.trainer dog bark collar intelligently detects and recognizes the dog's barking and progressively reminds the barking dog to help correct bad barking habits. The bark collar can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes, safe to use indoors and outdoors in any weather.
  • Super Fast Charging: The rechargeable bark collar has a long-lasting battery life, charged in only 40 minutes and works about 15-20 days. 🐾 Note: Bluetooth connection is only required when setting the collar, but when using the collar, bluetooth disconnection does not affect normal use. The collar still automatically stops barking.

WWVVPET Citronella Dog Training Collar with Remote

Citronella Dog Training Collar with Remote Control,3 Using Modes Spray Vibration and Beep,Spray Dog Bark Collar,1000ft Range Harmless Safe Humane No Shock Anti-Bark

If you’re in the market for a scent-based bark collar, look no further! This product from WWVVPET is the solution you didn’t know you needed.

Featuring a slight rainproof design, this collar is not compatible with heavy downpours and should be used far away from the rain. 

In total, this product set includes an adjustable collar, a can of citronella spray and a USB cable among other things – equipping you with everything you may need to begin conditioning your dog not to bark loudly.

Also, with three separate training modes and three spray levels, you have the option to completely customize your dog’s anti-bark training!

The remote works in a range of up to 1000 ft, so it’s a great tool to take with you to a local park, or simply in your own land.  Furthermore, the adjustable collar fits all breeds of dogs between 8” and 27” long, and roughly around 8 lbs in weight.

Unlike static shock collars, this citronella spray collar is extremely safe from the get go. You can get approximately 300 to 400 sprays from every can. With this product, there are no extra risks to your dog’s safety!

It quickly stops unwanted behaviors safely. By emitting a burst of citronella spray, sending a vibration to the collar, and emitting a loud beep, your dog’s antisocial barking will be discouraged immediately!

Its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be fully charged between 2 and 3 hours. This means the collar charge can last for up to 11 days, while the remote can last for nearly a month without needing to be re-charged!


  • Battery Indicator: A flashing light shows you when the battery is low, so you can quickly put it back on charge.
  • Safe: No shock involved, so you can correct your dog’s behavior in a humane, safe way. 
  • Remote Range: The remote range is perfect if you want to take your dog to a grassy field or a park while still monitoring their behavior. 


  • Spray Isn’t Automatic: You have to manually press the collar to make the spray work.
Citronella Dog Training Collar with Remote Control,3 Using Modes Spray Vibration and Beep,Spray Dog Bark Collar,1000ft Range Harmless Safe Humane No Shock Anti-Bark
  • 【3 Training Modes & 3 Spray Levels】 – 【Note: This collar can only be used by the remote, can not work automatically when the dog barks.】 3 Training modes for your needs: Citronella Spray + Beep; Vibration + Beep; only Beep. And the Spray mode has 3 Levels: High/Low/No Spray. (The Vibration and Beep volume can't adjustable.)
  • 【Safe & Effective & Humane】 – Unlike electric shock collars, our citronella spray collar is extremely safe, effective and humane! It can help to train your dogs and stop unwanted behaviors by emitting a burst of citronella spray, vibration, and beep - fast results!
  • 【Remote Control & Adjustable】 – Remote Range up to 1000 ft / 330 yards. Includes collar, remote controller, a can of citronella spray, USB cable, and user manual. The adjustable collar fits all breeds of dogs over 8 lbs (8-27 inches long). – Hight Capacity: Refill 30-35 sprays every time (300-400 sprays/can).
  • 【Long-Lasting Battery & Slight Rainproof】 – Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, fully charged in 2-3 hours and last up to 11days for the collar and 27 days for the remote. 【Slight rainproof design only for light rainy weather or wet grass exposure, but don't use it when swimming, playing with water, or soak in water.】
  • 【Low Battery Indicator & Note】 – Indicates low battery when the Red light on the receiver flashes. – 【Note: When refilling the Citronella Spray, please hold the refill spray can upright and Vigorously and Firmly press the nozzle down into the refill port for 15 seconds.】

Buyer’s Guide

Remember, these bark collars are to train your dog — not to punish them! You need to look for a collar that will help you to achieve a better training outcome. Finding something with a bit of added style won’t go amiss, either!

There are so many variations of bark collars that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your dog. All dogs are different in terms of their size and breed, and may have completely opposite reactions to the same collar. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following factors.


In equal measure, safety and security are two important issues you need to consider when purchasing a bark collar.

To ensure safety, it may be a good idea to look at purchasing a product that has been recommended by either the Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association (ECMA) or the Partnership for Electronic Training Technology (PETT).

These companies guarantee the utmost safety for all types of dog collar, so any recommended products will be highly trustworthy.

You can also doubly ensure your dog’s safety by choosing a bark collar without a static shock feature. This prevents any accidental shocks from occurring, and will make the training experience far more pleasant for you and your dog!


It’s a good idea to purchase a collar with an adjustable sensitivity level to make sure your dog doesn’t hurt themselves – or get hurt – as a result of other dogs barking around them.

Ideally, you should look for a collar with multiple different settings. This will also help to customize the collar to your dog’s exact needs and requirements, increasing its effectiveness.

Neck Size

Your pet’s neck circumference also needs to be an important deciding factor. Yes, it fits snugly much like any other dog collar, but a perfect fit is absolutely essential to achieve its optimum training capabilities.

To make sure you get the measurements right, it might be a good idea to take note of your dog’s measurements and compare against the manufacturer’s guide to see if it’s a good fit. It’s always a good idea to choose a longer collar with adjustable straps as it can be easily customized to fit your dog.

Regarding the fit of the collar against your pet’s neck, you should look for a collar that features an adjustable strap. Not only will this make your dog feel a bit more comfortable with the collar itself, but it will help to set your mind at ease knowing they aren’t being strangled by the collar. 


Arguably the most important thing you will need to consider when purchasing a bark dog collar. These products are usually designed and manufactured to cater for a specific weight category, typically anywhere between 10 and 120 lbs.

There are other products to support larger framed dogs, however you should never use these collars on puppies. Really, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guide and user manual to decide whether the product is truly suitable for your pet!

False Trigger

It’s important to look for a product that protects your dog from being punished by false triggers. This means their anti-bark training will be as authentic as possible, serving to only correct their mistakes – rather than torment them with unnecessary noises or vibrations. 

Type of Bark Collar

Ultimately, your dog’s comfort should be a top priority in terms of the type of bark collar you choose to buy. It’s important to decipher which type of bark collar will be most suited to your dog, in relation to their breed, size, and age.

For smaller dogs, it’s usually best to choose a vibration bark collar as their bodies may not be strong enough to handle static shock. Owners with larger dogs should consider an ultrasonic or static collar to help achieve the best outcome. 

  1. Vibration Device

This sends a pulse to the neck of the dog when they are engaging in antisocial barking. The majority of devices come with different pulse levels that will be employed to train your dog and reduce the amount of loud barking that they do.

In recently produced bark collars, this is one of the most common behavioral correction techniques. It is harmless but will have an effect on your dog – making it an efficient way of training them.

  1. Ultrasonic Sound Device

Ultrasonic bark collars emit a sound so high-pitched that only dogs can hear it. Many sound-based devices are effective in providing ultrasonic sounds to reprimand your dog when they bark loudly.

Most importantly, these devices are available in automatic and manual options that can be included as part of a healthy, training plan. 

  1. Citronella Devices

These are less common than the other devices listed, but they’re still widely used. To achieve results, this collar must be worn relatively frequently to establish an effective regime, and to also get your dog used to the training.

  1. Static Shock Device

These devices are not typically used today because of the harm they could cause to your dog. They typically work by sending an electric shock to your dog’s neck to stop their antisocial barking in its tracks. Or, put simply, if they behave in a way that you do not like. 

The modern-day bark collar manufacturer focuses more on vibration and sound devices rather than shock to ensure a more humane training practice. If they do have shock features, you can usually turn this feature off to make sure your dog’s safety is guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are bark collars used?

Barking is one of several key ways that dogs use to express their emotions. However, their excessive barking can sometimes be frustrating.

A bark collar is typically used to limit or completely eradicate your dog’s excessive barking by using vibration, sound, or citronella spray techniques. This depends on the type of product that you want to purchase.

What are the main benefits of using a bark collar?

For starters, bark collars are a much more affordable method of training your dog than hiring a professional dog trainer.

A large majority of available products on the market are pain-free, so your dog can learn to correct their behavior without experiencing extreme amounts of discomfort.

Do bark collars actually work?

That is entirely dependent on how often, and how effectively, you choose to use one. If you are consistent with placing the collar onto your dog, then yes, it will work.

However, they are most effective when used alongside a set training program.